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CCP uses climate as a weapon to attack the world’s economy

Whatever climate promises the Chinese Communist Party might make, it cannot and will not be able to give up fossil fuels. Yet, the CCP will continue to push the US and others to make those changes.

By The BL, published on December 17, 2021

The British nonprofit Global Warming Policy Foundation released a report on Dec. 13, detailing the CCP’s manipulation of international climate agreements. The regime has weaponized climate policies to defeat the West.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation report is titled “China’s Energy Dream”. The main body of the information has 13 pages, with at least four illustrations from the Cultural Revolution era.

The report’s author, Patricia Adams, said that Beijing is showing itself at the United Nations Climate Change Conference to lower the text to the point of becoming meaningless.

At the climate summit, the CCP changed an agreement from “eliminating” coal power plants to “gradually reduce” so that China could continue to use coal for power generation.

Adams’ discussion on the report points out that China is entirely dependent on fossil fuels and needs them to run its economy.

Whatever climate promises the CCP might make, it cannot and will not be able to give up fossil fuels. Yet, they will continue to push the US and other advanced economies to make those changes.

According to NTDTV, Adams wrote that energy security is vital to the longevity of the Chinese Communist Party, and that means fossil fuels. In reality, the pursuit of CO2 reductions does not serve the goal of preserving Communist rule. But it does help the CCP’s interests as a weapon for weakening other countries.

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