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The impossible dream

Instead of refurbishing an old and deteriorating natural gas pipeline that has served Ottawa for 65 years, Ottawa is investing instead in a fantasy strategy it calls its Energy Evolution plan. Unfortunately, Ottawa is not alone in these pipe dreams to achieve net-zero no matter how unachievable and painful for Canadians.

By Catherine Swift for The Niagara Independent

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a number of countries questioning their “green” energy policies, and some to begin to reverse them, as it becomes increasingly obvious that the planned transition from fossil fuels to renewables is not the easy, pleasant process that has been portrayed by politicians around the world and notably in Canada.  

Indeed, more and more experts are stating what some have always believed to be obvious – that the transition to net-zero by 2050 is not only terribly ambitious, but impossible with current technology.  Despite this overdue acknowledgement of the many difficulties and hardships imposed by governments’ attempting to achieve net-zero, some jurisdictions are still proceeding to make decisions on the future of their energy security based on beliefs that these extreme environmental goals are still attainable. 

A recent example was the City of Ottawa, which late last month decided to intervene in what should have been a fairly routine proceeding at the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). Enbridge had applied to the OEB to replace an old and deteriorating natural gas pipeline that had served Ottawa for 65 years with a new, reliable, updated version. The current older pipeline is actually at some risk of failing in the near future. This situation was pointed out in an article in The Epoch Times by Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon of Energy Probe entitled “Ottawa is Committing Suicide”. 

Enbridge was likely shocked to find that an application it considered a no-brainer ended up being rejected as Ottawa city planners and other environmental organizations intervening in the hearing prevailed such that the OEB rejected Enbridge’s application for the St. Laurent pipeline replacement. Enbridge estimates that it has about three years to deal with the aging pipeline before some type of catastrophic event occurs.  

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