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Rouleau report: false accountability?

A two-parter! Bruce Pardy and Barry W. Bussey rake over the final word from the Emergencies Act inquiry – the Rouleau report.

Bruce concludes that the inquiry served as a “cleansing process” for the justification of implementing the Emergencies Act: a process that produced a “performance” if not an outcome. The conversation continues from part one through to part two on what the inquiry’s court-like performance means for cases that are ongoing and our expectations around this process. Interestingly, Bruce submits the problem is not the government: “It’s your fellow Canadians who think that everything that happened [here] is fine.” Barry concurs that “we all need to recognize our role in the political process,” and that if we “reward those who lie, we are reflecting ourselves in our politicians.”

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Part One

Part Two

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