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Could China’s meddling in Canadian politics bring down Justin Trudeau?

Australia is being held up as the model for Canada in pushing back against China’s meddling in Canadian politics. Now, intelligence reports suggest Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau ignored warnings of Chinese interference in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian polls — that he won narrowly. Patricia Adams, Toronto-based economist and executive director of China watchdog, Probe International, joins ABC Australia’s Between the Lines to discuss.

The impact of Chinese influence extends beyond Canada’s elections to “influence pedalling” at Canada’s research institutions and infrastructure. Without the disclosures of a security services leak to two Canadian media outlets, the depth and breadth of how vulnerable Canada has become would remain unknown.

Canada’s allies now see us as a security red flag. A recent Washington Post article revealed the U.S. views Canada as “useless at best as a national security partner” and “at worst, so compromised, it is dangerous for the U.S. to share information” north of the border.

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