The revolutionary Pierre Poilievre

Canada’s conservative leader’s daring policies rival those of any national leader in Canada’s – or the West’s — modern history.


The perfect storm facing Israel

Israeli restraint never led to the goodwill and safety the wishful thinkers hoped for.

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Ten days in Xi’an

The extraordinary account by acclaimed independent investigative journalist, Jiang Xue, detailing the unprecedented lockdown of the city of Xi’an.

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The Big Green Lie almost everyone claims to believe  

The claim that the “science was settled” on climate change never withstood scrutiny. What is settled is the abject failure of the three-decade-long attempt by the bureaucracies of the 195 countries of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to convince anyone other than themselves, a credulous media, and a relatively few gullible people that climate change represents an existential threat.

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By freeing Tamara Lich, the Superior Court restores confidence in the rule of law

By Bruce Pardy for The Epoch Times Commentary On July 26, Tamara Lich was released from jail again. Charged with mischief in February for her role in the Freedom Convoy that descended on Parliament Hill, Lich had been incarcerated on July 8 by a justice of the peace after the Crown attorney characterized her as […]


Vaccines don’t cause autism. Trust us.

The public health establishment fears what it might find if it studied whether vaccines cause autism.

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COVID and the end of the rational university

Freedom of expression has been described as the most important liberty. But bodily autonomy is more important.

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On speech and conduct, repressive tolerance is a feature, not a bug

It turns out that progressives were less interested in the principle of free speech than in promoting their own values.

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Supreme Court undermined by chief justice condemning freedom convoy

Confidence in the judiciary depends on whether people perceive courts to be genuinely neutral, not merely within a narrow band of progressive consensus.

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Food, fuel, and inflation crises all stem from globalist policies

Globalists may believe that the world needs their new world order. But they also exemplify the adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.