‘Greenism’ has helped Putin fuel his war machine

Will the horror of what is occurring in Ukraine wake up the environmentally ‘woke’ governments of the world to their folly?

By Rex Murphy, National Post, March 1, 2022

The logic of “Greenism” led to the fallback to so-called renewables, and the predictable failure of the latter in the countries that closed energy plants, banned coal, closed pipelines and fought against any other form of energy, leading inescapably to the acceleration in the price of oil and gas, and the necessity of buying from Russia, and feeding Russia’s economy. All to the benefit of Vladimir Putin.

Commentator, Rex Murphy, decries the green goggles that have caused governments to revere ideology at the expense of everything else, including national security.

“Of all the governments of the world who share the fierce and heedless ideology of global environmentalism, none has been on the knee more reverently, none — none — has advertised and self-praised its commitment to the fight against global warming than the hollow, immature, amateur assembly currently chasing the bank accounts of truckers, which we know as the Trudeau administration.

They must look on the murderous doings in Ukraine today — indirectly as it may be, and distant from their intent — as yet, something to which their blind and obsessed full embrace of a totalizing ideology, Greenism, has contributed.”

Read Rex Murphy in full at the publisher’s website here.

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