Free Speech in Medicine

Join the first annual Free Speech in Medicine Conference, Oct. 28-30. Featuring Bruce Pardy of Rights Probe as a guest speaker.

Join the inaugural Free Speech in Medicine conference this October 28-30, in gorgeous Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Among the prestigious line-up of guest speakers for this event: Bruce Pardy, Dr. Jay Battacharya, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, Dr. Francis Christian, Dr. Martha Fulford, Dr. Chris Milburn, Trish Wood and Dr. Shawn Whatley.

The Free Speech in Medicine conference is organized by Drs. Chris Milburn and Julie Curwin, medical practitioners for more than 20 years, and passionate advocates for free speech and open scientific inquiry. Their experiences with censorship and the stifling of scientific debate during the time of COVID prompted this initiative.

The mission of Free Speech in Medicine and Science is to connect individuals who believe in scientific integrity in the face of attempts to politicize and subvert scientific discourse. [Learn more here]

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