The perfect storm facing Israel

Israeli restraint never led to the goodwill and safety the wishful thinkers hoped for.

By Lawrence Solomon and Patricia Adams, first published by The Epoch Times

In Israel’s next war, it could face a perfect storm with Iran attacking it from the east, Hamas in Gaza from the south, Hezbollah in Lebanon from the north, and an insurrection from within by Israel’s large Arab population. Israel’s civilian casualties could be immense as tens of thousands of missiles rain down on it, overwhelming defensive systems such as Israel’s much-vaunted Iron Dome.

The shot that ignites the war would be an Israeli attack on Iran, which is believed to be on the verge of securing a nuclear bomb, and which is on record in its desire to eradicate the state of Israel. For its part, Israel is on record with its intention to eradicate Iran’s nuclear bomb-making ability, and it has the track record to show its seriousness.

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