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Bruce Pardy in conversation with Leighton Grey

What happened to society’s broad agreement about government overreach, the legal definition of certain words and a political landscape that once included a middle ground?

In this podcast episode of “Grey Matter,” constitutional lawyer Leighton Grey and lawyer Bruce Pardy of Rights Probe discuss the obvious divide in our political system and how villainizing each other isn’t a productive exercise, some of Pardy’s thoughts on the Emergencies Act Inquiry, and why it’s important for the inquiry to reach a decision on truth and justice blindly. Pardy and Grey explore the idea of the Alberta Sovereignty Act and how it affects the rest of Canada, how Bruce feels as a classical liberal about the irrational reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, and what we can be doing to correct the errors the current government has made in its handling of the situation.

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The Road to Serfdom — F. A. Hayek

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