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Public Order Emergency Commission defends use of Emergencies Act

Andrew Lawton devotes the latter part of his show (at the 51.36 mark) for a look into the Commission’s findings with Bruce Pardy, who has maintained from the outset there was no legal basis for the invocation of the Emergencies Act. The point of the Commission’s inquiry, he says, is to perform a “ritual” with […]

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Bruce Pardy in conversation with Leighton Grey

What happened to society’s broad agreement about government overreach, the legal definition of certain words and a political landscape that once included a middle ground? In this podcast episode of “Grey Matter,” constitutional lawyer Leighton Grey and lawyer Bruce Pardy of Rights Probe discuss the obvious divide in our political system and how villainizing each […]

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There was no emergency, but don’t expect the Commission to throw the government under the trucks

Only in a country with fragile, hysterical leadership could the trucker convoy be regarded as an emergency justifying the infringement of civil liberties. Bruce Pardy for Inside Policy.


Benson and Bussey: Time to reassess the Canadian Judicial Council?

The CJC plays an important role in maintaining the people’s confidence in the judiciary. That trust is undermined when judges fail to show prudence in commenting on the delicate political issues of the day.

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Supreme Court undermined by chief justice condemning freedom convoy

Confidence in the judiciary depends on whether people perceive courts to be genuinely neutral, not merely within a narrow band of progressive consensus.


Frozen: How Canada’s banks betrayed their customers during the Emergencies Act

During the ten days that the Emergencies Act was in force, the banks went out of their way to serve Ottawa’s best interests. And in doing so turned their backs on those very customers they claim to love so much. That green chair doesn’t look quite so comfy anymore.

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The Emergencies Act wasn’t the only sledgehammer

Perhaps the issue was bias against the Freedom Convoy.

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Is difference of opinion a threat?

In the wake of the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, Canadians realized that there’s something more important to being Canadian than politeness. Bruce Pardy, executive director of Rights Probe, joins CounterPoint’s Tanya Granic Alle to discuss the new normal in Absurdistan Canada after Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act … and then snatched it away […]

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Trudeau’s inexplicable use of the Emergencies Act must not be forgotten

The invasion of so many civil liberties must not be allowed to dip into oblivion just because the PM dropped his emergency rhetoric.


Liberal democracy – an oxymoron

Some may argue that the pandemic was a once-in-a-century emergency that justified authoritarian methods to keep society safe. With due respect, this is nonsense.