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Jordan Peterson could face college tribunal over social media posts

“Professional regulators have become ideological.”

By Tara MacIsaac for The Epoch Times


The Ontario College of Psychologists is requiring Jordan Peterson to complete training “regarding professionalism in public statements,” according to a disciplinary action listed on his college member profile.

Peterson said the “SJW [social justice warrior] types have weaponized the domain of professional misconduct complaints.”

Bruce Pardy, executive director of the group Rights Probe agreed, tweeting in response: “Professional regulators have become ideological. They increasingly seek to supervise political views and expression. In effect, to be progressive is to be neutral and reasonable, while to not be progressive will amount to professional misconduct.” Rights Probe describes itself as promoting the classical liberal conception of individual rights and the rule of law.

Pardy gave the example of the Law Society of Ontario, which sought to require “lawyers and paralegals to state their embrace of DIE (diversity, inclusivity and equity) politics.” He said, “We narrowly managed to repeal it.”

He also gave the example of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario forbidding their licensees from expressing medical opinions contrary to COVID-related public health orders. A college tribunal hearing for three Ontario doctors that took place in November tested the limits of the college’s power in this regard. The results of that hearing have not yet been announced.

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