Media training for Jordan Peterson? Really?

Was the College’s order against Peterson for true education or for discipline without procedural safeguards? By Andrew Roman | Special to Financial Post Last November the Ontario College of Psychologists imposed an unusual order on Dr. Jordan Peterson: “remedial” media training to “ameliorate his professionalism.” This was in response to complaints about sarcastic and arguably rude […]

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Jordan Peterson against the tyranny of the administrative state

By Bruce Pardy | Special to National Post The Ontario College of Psychologists can re-educate Jordan Peterson. So said the Ontario Divisional Court on Wednesday. In November 2022, the College ordered Peterson, a prominent public intellectual and emeritus University of Toronto psychology professor, to undergo remedial education because of statements he made on social media. […]

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Once again, Ontario lawyers must stand up to the thought police

Lawyers are the last line of defence against authoritarian orthodoxy, but the law society sees it otherwise. Bruce Pardy sounds the alarm on ideological infection.

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Jordan Peterson could face college tribunal over social media posts

“Professional regulators have become ideological.”