Freedom Lockdowns

The public health assault on Canadians’ privacy

If you’ve so much as left your house during the two years of the pandemic, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) knows about it.


House of Commons votes narrowly to end Public Health surveillance

“We are simply not at the point of understanding how this data was collected, whether it was properly de-identified, what the risks of re-identification are and why the Privacy Commissioner was not involved in the process.”

China Pandemic

Dystopian Olympics

Beijing 2022 is less about the Olympian values of excellence, friendship and respect, and more about the prowess of the Chinese Communist Party. Welcome to the most chillingly dystopian Olympics in history.

Freedom Pandemic Privacy

Good thing the cat and dog can’t talk … but the toaster can

The science fiction moment is upon us. A dynamite discussion between Postmedia columnist Anthony Furey and Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s former information and privacy commissioner, unpacks unprecedented concerns around privacy and security in a Vaccine Passport world, the indiscretions of voice recognition technologies and the Internet of Things rollout.