Pandemic Vaccines

The pandemic reviewed and corrected

“Isn’t it essential for the debate that everything be put into play?”

By Francine Pelletier, Le Devoir, January 26, 2022

In her latest column for Le Devoir, renowned journalist Francine Pelletier asks:

“When will there be a new strategy, more open, more frank, less coercive and better suited to today’s pandemic?”

She begins by citing the pathbreaking Globe and Mail Opinion piece by Dr. Norman Doidge: Vaccines are a tool, not a silver bullet. If we’d allowed more scientific debate, we would have realized this earlier.

She writes:

Norman Doidge is not a conspirator, rest assured. Psychiatrist and director of a health think tank, he believes in vaccines and public health. Only, he dares to draw up an exhaustive assessment of the errors of the last two years – including the lack of debate, precisely, surrounding health issues. From the outset, he mentions fluvoxamine, a drug authorized by Ontario, half-heartedly just before Christmas. It is a “repurposed drug”, initially designed as an antidepressant, but which has proven effective in treating the coronavirus in vulnerable people.

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