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Travel mandate lawsuits: ruled moot, with lawyer Bruce Pardy

Free to Fly hosts lawyer Bruce Pardy, to discuss the travel mandate decision, appeals, silver linings (if any), and the state of our judiciary moving forward. Watch the video here Bruce Pardy and Rights Probe: Rupa Subramanya’s article:

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Three judges forbear COVID’s hegemony in the courts

“The list of grievous government mistakes and miscalculations is both endless and notorious. Catching and correcting those mistakes is one of the most important functions of an independent judiciary.”

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Why university vaccine mandates are harmful and unncessary

It’s been one week since Western University announced its booster mandate for the upcoming year, a policy that’s been criticized by lawyers, doctors, professors and Western students alike. Over the weekend, hundreds of people protested the policy on Western’s campus. In this special edition of The Andrew Lawton Show, Andrew discussed the mandate with infectious […]

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Court documents reveal Canada’s travel ban had no scientific basis

In the days leading up to the mandate, transportation officials were frantically looking for a rationale for it. They came up short.


Vaccines don’t cause autism. Trust us.

The public health establishment fears what it might find if it studied whether vaccines cause autism.

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COVID and the end of the rational university

Freedom of expression has been described as the most important liberty. But bodily autonomy is more important.

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Meet the world’s most powerful anti-vaxxers: Big Pharma

Government intervention wooed Big Pharma back to loser vaccines that would have otherwise only thrived in totalitarian countries where the health of the government trumps that of the citizen.

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Canada’s judges must guard against bias, say lawyers

“I’ve never seen any judge speak out in such a biased manner about a contentious issue that is likely to be heard by the court.”

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Bill 100 – Ontario’s slide into a social credit system – Bruce Pardy

“The trouble you will get into will depend upon what kind of actions, beliefs, attitudes and protests you engage in.”

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Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave

An increase of over 25% was detected in both call types during January–May 2021, compared with the years 2019–2020. Using Negative Binomial regression models, the weekly emergency call counts were significantly associated with the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group but were not with COVID-19 infection rates.