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The Democracy Fund files lawsuit against Western University’s booster mandate

The legal filing will allege, among other things, that the University’s collection of students’ private health information is a breach of privacy laws.

Pandemic Privacy Vaccines

The kids aren’t having it

An important university embarrasses itself, trashes its historic reputation and imperils its students by imposing dangerous vaccine mandates for the campus. Western University is an outlier and students who just recently got the news are pushing back hard against the school’s unscientific decision to require both boosters and masks. Trish Wood – of the Trish […]

Lockdowns Pandemic Vaccines

A tale of two Constitutions: US versus Canada on vaccine mandates

Law and politics work differently south of the border.

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Should the pretense of knowledge trump freedom?

In the last two years, this false premise of superior knowledge as the rationale for governing institutions being able to extensively mandate in a variety of areas has been brought to light and challenged.

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The pandemic reviewed and corrected

“Isn’t it essential for the debate that everything be put into play?”

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Mandatory vaccines would at least prove whether the charter is worth anything at all

As for the already vaccinated, making boosters mandatory would abandon any pretence of persuasion.

Freedom Lockdowns Pandemic Privacy Vaccines

During COVID, the charter has been useless

In Canada, some are apt to believe that vaccine mandates surely must contravene the charter. But has a specific charter right been breached? Or is it just the charter’s vibe?