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Left vs. Right

Is there another way?

Join law professor Bruce Pardy (executive director of Rights Probe) and Kate Wand (content creator and host of AIER’s Liberty Curious) as they dive into political tribalism and the differences and similarities between the various schools of thought. Explore along with Bruce and Kate as they discuss the eternal “monkey in the middle” – classical liberalism. A political tradition that, at least in recent times, tends to team-up with the “losing side”. Through the lens of classical liberalism, how might we view the world differently and approach problems and choices in a more hands-off style that respects individualism? How would this work in reality? Can it work? Why is it a tough sell compared to a binary worldview? Interesting threads of conversation are given further pause, such as the concept of “free will”. Is there such a thing or does it exist for one camp and not another? Listen along or drop in according to interest.

0:00 – Introduction 2:08 – Champions of free speech 3:38 – The “horseshoe” political spectrum 8:16 – Classical liberal values 11:35 – Fusionism 16:05 – Different takes 20:00 – The nanny state 23:00 – Universal values 25:10 – The righteous mind 29:18 – Consequentialism 33:08 – Managerial state 36:50 – Markets 38:02 – Founding principles 41:20 – Is everything broken? 44:45 – Universities feed the administrative state 46:44 – The collectivists 49:25 – Political ubiquity 52:54 – Critical mass 54:52 – Collectivist ideologies 58:20 – Historical cycles 1:00:42 – Classical liberalism led us here? 1:06:51 – Free markets parallel with human society 1:08:35 – Last thoughts.

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