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The path we’re going down is intolerable and untenable: an interview with Bruce Pardy

Bruce Pardy joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the state of everything from law and politics to freedom, journalism, activism, as well as the ongoing impact of the Covid scare on civil liberties and our collective psyche. Bruce, a law professor – or “professor of freedom” as Ezra has dubbed him – describes how “the Covid debacle pulled back the curtain” on the way our institutions, government departments, courts, legal and medical professions work. People were “shocked and appalled,” says Bruce, to discover that the world they thought they knew did not really exist and that the apparatus of society did not work the way they believed it did. A fundamental belief in these systems of governance and organization has been profoundly damaged as a result of the Covid rupture, he says. Or, as Ezra put it, a large group of people in Canada saw that all of the checks and balances had failed simultaneously: “opposition parties did not oppose, conservatives were not conservative … the media went from skeptics to propagandists … doctors were either silent or silenced … the police became enforcers of goofy mask rules …” etc.

Bruce cautions that although Covid pulled back the curtain, the trends in force today have been deepening for decades as a result of an ideological agenda that took root in the nation’s universities and graduated into society and its institutions through the school of thought now in control: the woke worldview. The old joke that university politics are vicious precisely because so little is at stake has proved false over time, says Bruce.

The positive in a sea of negative? Freedom Convoy 2022 proved that “the nobodies” in trucks and “the nobodies” with camera phones can indeed speak truth to power and that, to quote George Orwell’s 1984: “If there is hope, it lies in the proles.”

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