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The tyranny of the administrative state

The Tyranny of the Administrative State: Bruce Pardy recaps his presentation to the National Citizens’ Inquiry into Canada’s Covid-19 response for Just Right Media and host, Robert Vaughan. Why did the legal system fail to protect our civil liberties during Covid? One of the main takeaways from the Covid debacle is the triumph of the […]

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Back to the future: ‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’ was a dangerous mistake from the beginning

What we have now is a dependent population, economically and psychologically.

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The Charter won’t protect us from the pandemic managerial state

Late last month former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford launched a lawsuit to challenge the federal proof-of-Covid-19-vaccine requirement for air travel. Peckford, the last surviving political architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, said that governments are ignoring the Charter with their pandemic rules and creating a constitutional crisis. If anything, that understates the trouble Canada is in. Bruce Pardy provides a bracing evaluation of how the Charter actually operates in an era of expansive government and imaginative jurists.

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Vaccine passports and erosion of privacy

Privacy forms the foundation of our freedom. You cannot have freedom in society without a solid foundation of privacy.