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Legal canons and social fables: The law in Canada has never been perfect but now it is losing its way

Bruce Pardy surveys the descent of Canada’s legal system into Alice-in-Wonderland surrealism, a state that poses dangers to virtually every Canadian and to the future of the rule of law itself. By Bruce Pardy, published by C2C Journal To hold themselves together, societies tell themselves stories. People are honest; marriages are faithful; parents are devoted […]

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Canada’s legal revolution and its dangers

Lawyer Bruce Pardy joins Liberty Coalition Canada to explore the “quiet and unopposed” revolution that has transformed Canadian society, with a focus on the Josh Alexander case, where a student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew was suspended as well as banned for a month because he questioned the non-binary use of bathrooms […]

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By freeing Tamara Lich, the Superior Court restores confidence in the rule of law

By Bruce Pardy for The Epoch Times Commentary On July 26, Tamara Lich was released from jail again. Charged with mischief in February for her role in the Freedom Convoy that descended on Parliament Hill, Lich had been incarcerated on July 8 by a justice of the peace after the Crown attorney characterized her as […]

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Totalitarian rule of man replacing neutral rule of law

New kid on the block not rooted in Enlightenment.

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On COVID, courts have taken a side

Judges lack training in everything but the law, which is not their weakness but their strength. On COVID, as on any other contentious subject, a little learning outside the courtroom is exactly what should not occur.

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The first obstacle is our confidence that things won’t get worse

Western liberal democracies, especially Canada, have descended into authoritarianism. COVID appears to be the reason, but this transformation has long been underway.