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By freeing Tamara Lich, the Superior Court restores confidence in the rule of law

By Bruce Pardy for The Epoch Times


On July 26, Tamara Lich was released from jail again. Charged with mischief in February for her role in the Freedom Convoy that descended on Parliament Hill, Lich had been incarcerated on July 8 by a justice of the peace after the Crown attorney characterized her as a danger to public safety and the convoy protest as essentially the crime of the century. It was the second time Lich had been detained by lower judicial officers, and the second time her detention was overturned on review by a judge of the Superior Court. She has spent a total of 49 days behind bars on some of the least serious, non-violent charges in the Criminal Code.

In Canadian courts, release on bail is commonly granted to persons accused of all manner of offences, but has been anything but common for Lich. Before the Superior Court stepped in, her disproportionate treatment had caused some pundits to declare that Lich, who has no criminal record and no history of violence, was effectively a political prisoner. But Lich’s experience is not the only reason for Canadians to have diminished faith in the rule of law.

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