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The path we’re going down is intolerable and untenable: an interview with Bruce Pardy

Bruce Pardy joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the state of everything from law and politics to freedom, journalism, activism, as well as the ongoing impact of the Covid scare on civil liberties and our collective psyche. Bruce, a law professor – or “professor of freedom” as Ezra has dubbed him – describes how […]

Freedom Lockdowns Pandemic Vaccines

Sugar coating the Emergencies Act

Bruce Pardy with Barry W. Bussey & Prof. Iain Benson | First Freedoms Foundation Unpacking the year that was and the state of freedom in Canada. Freedom Convoy 2022 takes the spotlight with law professor Bruce Pardy noting that here was the first time in Canada, in a long time, where “everybody saw” a group […]

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There was no emergency, but don’t expect the Commission to throw the government under the trucks

Only in a country with fragile, hysterical leadership could the trucker convoy be regarded as an emergency justifying the infringement of civil liberties. Bruce Pardy for Inside Policy.

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Deconstructing the narrative

Emergencies Act Inquiry & CCP Police in GTA with Danny Bulford, Vincent Gircys & Bruce Pardy [FULL PANEL DISCUSSION] As the Emergencies Act Inquiry continues its probe into the Trudeau government’s invocation of a national emergency for the Freedom Convoy and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expand their international police presence in the Greater Toronto […]

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By freeing Tamara Lich, the Superior Court restores confidence in the rule of law

By Bruce Pardy for The Epoch Times Commentary On July 26, Tamara Lich was released from jail again. Charged with mischief in February for her role in the Freedom Convoy that descended on Parliament Hill, Lich had been incarcerated on July 8 by a justice of the peace after the Crown attorney characterized her as […]

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The Emergencies Act wasn’t the only sledgehammer

Perhaps the issue was bias against the Freedom Convoy.

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After two days to flatten the Bouncy Castle, Canada needs a new Constitution

During COVID, Canadians have been subject to some of the most sweeping restrictions in the history of their country, and the Constitution has not protected them. But this crisis did not begin with COVID.

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Is difference of opinion a threat?

In the wake of the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, Canadians realized that there’s something more important to being Canadian than politeness. Bruce Pardy, executive director of Rights Probe, joins CounterPoint’s Tanya Granic Alle to discuss the new normal in Absurdistan Canada after Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act … and then snatched it away […]

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Real concern of Emergencies Act is government’s control over Canadians’ life savings: legal expert

“That’s not the way banking should work in a free and democratic country.” ~ Bruce Pardy


Not going to be a ‘punching bag’ for the police: Freedom Convoy spokesman announces peaceful withdrawal from Ottawa

“I never thought I’d see the day when law enforcement officers would be arresting citizens for the crime of exercising their charter rights and freedoms to free assembly and free speech.”