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‘Shifting Legal Ground’: Law professor weighs in on technocracy entrenched in government

By Isaac Teo and Jan Jekielek | Published by The Epoch Times Technocracy, a form of governance where decision-making is left to a group of technical experts, has become deeply entrenched in governments globally and is doing more harm than good for the people, according to law professor Bruce Pardy. “It’s the crowning achievement so […]

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Selective punishment

The Triumph of the Administrative State: A wide-ranging discussion with Bruce Pardy and Jan Jekielek for American Thought Leaders [see video] focused on the Canadian experience. The administrative state succeeded beyond its wildest dreams thanks to the rupture of COVID, when Canada’s nanny state became extreme and people succumbed in ways they would not have […]

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A citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s COVID-19 response

Bruce Pardy is one of a number of witnesses who have stepped up to testify at a citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s COVID-19 response. The purpose of the citizen-funded initiative is to investigate independently what went right and what went wrong with the responses and actions to COVID-19 taken by our governments across Canada, and to look […]

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The path we’re going down is intolerable and untenable: an interview with Bruce Pardy

Bruce Pardy joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the state of everything from law and politics to freedom, journalism, activism, as well as the ongoing impact of the Covid scare on civil liberties and our collective psyche. Bruce, a law professor – or “professor of freedom” as Ezra has dubbed him – describes how […]

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The rule of law and the current challenges to democracy

Human rights advocate, Aga Wilson, talks to Rights Probe executive director, Bruce Pardy, about the current challenges to democracy and how the legal system in many cases has been used to benefit the current global Covid-19 narrative, as well as Bruce’s views on natural law and common law. Watch the video here

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Ten days in Xi’an

The extraordinary account by acclaimed independent investigative journalist, Jiang Xue, detailing the unprecedented lockdown of the city of Xi’an.

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Why university vaccine mandates are harmful and unncessary

It’s been one week since Western University announced its booster mandate for the upcoming year, a policy that’s been criticized by lawyers, doctors, professors and Western students alike. Over the weekend, hundreds of people protested the policy on Western’s campus. In this special edition of The Andrew Lawton Show, Andrew discussed the mandate with infectious […]

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COVID and the end of the rational university

Freedom of expression has been described as the most important liberty. But bodily autonomy is more important.

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Meet the world’s most powerful anti-vaxxers: Big Pharma

Government intervention wooed Big Pharma back to loser vaccines that would have otherwise only thrived in totalitarian countries where the health of the government trumps that of the citizen.

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Food, fuel, and inflation crises all stem from globalist policies

Globalists may believe that the world needs their new world order. But they also exemplify the adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.