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Selective punishment

The Triumph of the Administrative State: A wide-ranging discussion with Bruce Pardy and Jan Jekielek for American Thought Leaders [see video] focused on the Canadian experience. The administrative state succeeded beyond its wildest dreams thanks to the rupture of COVID, when Canada’s nanny state became extreme and people succumbed in ways they would not have […]

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The path we’re going down is intolerable and untenable: an interview with Bruce Pardy

Bruce Pardy joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the state of everything from law and politics to freedom, journalism, activism, as well as the ongoing impact of the Covid scare on civil liberties and our collective psyche. Bruce, a law professor – or “professor of freedom” as Ezra has dubbed him – describes how […]


Frozen: How Canada’s banks betrayed their customers during the Emergencies Act

During the ten days that the Emergencies Act was in force, the banks went out of their way to serve Ottawa’s best interests. And in doing so turned their backs on those very customers they claim to love so much. That green chair doesn’t look quite so comfy anymore.

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Bill 100 – Ontario’s slide into a social credit system – Bruce Pardy

“The trouble you will get into will depend upon what kind of actions, beliefs, attitudes and protests you engage in.”

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After two days to flatten the Bouncy Castle, Canada needs a new Constitution

During COVID, Canadians have been subject to some of the most sweeping restrictions in the history of their country, and the Constitution has not protected them. But this crisis did not begin with COVID.

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Trudeau’s inexplicable use of the Emergencies Act must not be forgotten

The invasion of so many civil liberties must not be allowed to dip into oblivion just because the PM dropped his emergency rhetoric.


And now, it’s economic warfare

It’s the control of money that keeps the people in servitude. Crypto has become a tool for saving the working class from obliteration by hegemonic forces within the ruling-class financial structure.

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What Canada’s truckers know​

Intolerance is ugly but, for Justin Trudeau, denouncing truckers protesting Covid-19 vaccine mandates for “unacceptable views” is OK because he’s denouncing the opinions of “a bunch of yahoos.”

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Border surveillance app sounds like 1984 but very much 2022

The ArriveCAN app is in play at Canada’s border points and knows you’re coming before you get there. But did you know this? Former Ontario privacy commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, now executive director at Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre, says “awareness of data collection practices and obtaining the consent of the individual are essential to preserving privacy.”