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“This felt like an inside job”

Bruce Pardy joins The Ezra Levant Show to dig into the results of the Emergencies Act Inquiry in Ottawa. “It is a mistake to think that this was going to be a court-like process,” says Bruce. “The inquiry was simply putting together a report, not a binding report, and it can’t find liability.”

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There was no emergency, but don’t expect the Commission to throw the government under the trucks

Only in a country with fragile, hysterical leadership could the trucker convoy be regarded as an emergency justifying the infringement of civil liberties. Bruce Pardy for Inside Policy.

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Alberta Court of Appeal tees up an argument for western separation

By Bruce Pardy for the Financial Post Last week, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the federal Impact Assessment Act is an unconstitutional infringement on provincial powers. In a 121-page judgment, four of the panel’s five judges said Parliament had taken a wrecking ball to the constitutional right of the citizens of Alberta, Saskatchewan, […]

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Bill 100 – Ontario’s slide into a social credit system – Bruce Pardy

“The trouble you will get into will depend upon what kind of actions, beliefs, attitudes and protests you engage in.”

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The Emergencies Act wasn’t the only sledgehammer

Perhaps the issue was bias against the Freedom Convoy.

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Ottawa’s suicidal climate plans a cautionary tale for governments everywhere

No one should follow Ottawa’s example.

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Trudeau’s inexplicable use of the Emergencies Act must not be forgotten

The invasion of so many civil liberties must not be allowed to dip into oblivion just because the PM dropped his emergency rhetoric.


Not going to be a ‘punching bag’ for the police: Freedom Convoy spokesman announces peaceful withdrawal from Ottawa

“I never thought I’d see the day when law enforcement officers would be arresting citizens for the crime of exercising their charter rights and freedoms to free assembly and free speech.”